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What you'll learn in this eBook:

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  • Our Seller’s Ebook is a collection of how-tos, checklists, and worksheets, categorized under these headings: the basics, the property, the transaction, and the move. We hope that this valuable, comprehensive (and free) resource will help you to understand what to expect during the typical real estate selling experience.

    The Basics
    What to Know | 7 Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®
    Questions to Ask | When Choosing a REALTOR®
    Vocabulary | Agency & Agency Relationships
    Questions to Ask | When Considering Selling
    Worksheet | Calculate Capital Gains

    The Property
    Checklist | Before Putting a Home up for Sale
    How to | Hold a Successful Garage Sale
    How to | Hire a Remodeling Contractor
    How to | Add Curb Appeal
    How to | Clean When Your Home is For Sale
    How to | Prepare for the Photo Shoot
    How to | Attract More Buyers
    Checklist | For a Better Home Showing
    How to | Use Fung Shui Concepts in Staging
    What to Know | About the Appraisal Process

    The Transaction
    How to | Prepare for a Short Sale
    How to | Navigate a Short Sale
    How to | Improve the Odds of an Offer
    How to | Recognize a Qualified Buyer
    Worksheet | Track Closing Costs
    Vocabulary | Transaction Documents

    The Move
    How to | Prepare for the Move
    How to | Pack Like a Pro
    How to | Move With Pets
    Checklist | For New Owner

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