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Buyer’s Ebook

Our Buyers Ebook will help you to become an informed home buyer in Melbourne Beach!

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Our Buyer’s Ebook is a collection of how-tos, checklists, and worksheets, categorized under these headings: the basics, the property, the transaction, and the move. We hope that this valuable, comprehensive (and free) resource will help you to understand what to expect during the typical real estate buying experience.

The Basics
What to Know | 7 Reasons to Own A Home
What to Know | 7 Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®
Questions to Ask | When Choosing a REALTOR®
Vocabulary | Agency & Agency Relationships
How to | Prepare for House-Hunting
How to | Prepare to Buy a Home
Worksheet | Track Your Budget
What to Know | About Credit Scores
How to | Improve Your Credit
What to Know | The Tax Benefits of Owning
How to | Prepare to Finance a Home
Vocabulary | Loans & Lending Terms
Questions to Ask | When Choosing a Lender
How to | Finance a Home Creatively
Worksheet | Define Your Dream Home

The Property
Questions to Ask | About the Neighborhood
Questions to Ask | When Considering a Condo or HOA
Questions to Ask | The Condo Board
Questions to Ask | When Choosing a Home Inspector
What to Know | About the Home Inspection
What to Know | About Home Hazards
Vocabulary | Green Home Terms
What to Know | About the Appraisal Process
Questions to Ask | About Property Tax

The Transaction
Worksheet | Service Provider Contacts
Checklist | Your Mortgage Application
Questions to Ask | Before Making a Short Sale Offer
Checklist | Your Short-Sale Purchase Team
How to | Buy In a Tight Market
What to Know | About Homeowner’s Insurance
How to | Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Costs
What to Know | About Title Insurance
Worksheet | Track Closing Costs
Vocabulary | Transaction Documents
Checklist | Your Final Walk-Through

The Move
How to | Prepare for the Move
How to | Pack Like a Pro
How to | Move With Pets
Checklist | For New Owners

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